Old St. Patrick's Church on the corner of Adams and Des PlainesMission Statement

Old St. Patrick’s mission is to serve the life and work of the laity in the world.

Old St. Patrick’s Vision Statement

  • To be a truly exemplary central city church in the world.
  • To deepen our intimacy with God, our call to discipleship and our charge to be instruments of God’s transforming work in the world.
  • To continue welcoming new members while also offering significant outreach to people of other faith denominations.
  • To provide numerous opportunities for members to deepen their understanding of their faith and various ways to live out the Old St. Pat’s mission.
  • To assemble and connect the many communities within Old St. Pat’s Church.

The people who gather at Old St. Patrick’s are building an experience called church:

  • that stands squarely at the intersection of faith and life;
  • that rests on a foundation of welcome and hospitality;
  • whose walls define a sanctuary for the growth of intimacy with God and a deepening of relationships with others;
  • that is richly textured by the diversity of peoples and generations;
  • whose cornerstone is hewn from a commitment to compassionate service and justice;
  • that is illumined by the Light of Christ;
  • whose roof is frequently raised by the joyous celebrations of life;
  • and whose doors and windows are always open to the movement of Spirit in the world.