Pastoral Care Ministry

Pastoral Care Ministry: Companions on the Journey

The Pastoral Care ministry endeavors to closely follow and imitate Jesus, the man who accompanied and was elegantly present to people in need, hurt or alone.

At Old St. Pat’s we understand that “sometimes our members cannot come to us, we must go to them.” To us this means that sometimes, we most effectively reach a desperately frustrated world, when we offer compassionate presence by entering into another’s arena, listening to another’s story, and responding to another’s need. As a Church, we host a number of pastoral ministries to accompany our members and all members are welcome to participate in these ministries.

On the second Tuesday of each month, members of the Ministry of Prayer gather to intimately attend to the prayers of our membership. Together, we pray and send cards to those prayed for. We contact members to see how we might offer a compassionate presence during difficult times. Our Ministry of Care members visit and bring the Eucharist to those who cannot come to Church because they are hospitalized or homebound. Our Small Group Ministries support those grieving the loss of a loved one or a divorce. These small intimate settings offer a safe place where members come together in mutual support and learn that their feelings are normal and that they need not be alone.

If you know someone who would benefit from prayer, a weekly home visit, or companionship during the illness of a family member or loss of a relationship, please contact Bernadette Moore Gibson, Director of Pastoral Care Ministry, at 312.798.2358, or

We are looking for volunteers interested in helping us with the following: