Grief Ministry:
Companions on the Journey

grief group support

The Grief Support Group, Companions On The Journey, has been organized for those who are grieving the death of a loved one:  parent, spouse, significant other, child, family member, sibling, extended family member, friend… It hurts!

You may be experiencing some of the most powerful and painful feelings of your life. The many feelings of grief may seem uncomfortable and threatening to you. And, sadly, there are too few people who want to talk to you about this pain.

Support in dealing with the grief experience is a valuable way of helping yourself or someone you know. Support groups often provide an opportunity for grieving persons to better understand the wide range of feelings and behaviors associated with grief.

More importantly, support groups offer a safe place where people can come together for mutual support, and to learn that their feelings are normal and that one need not be alone.

Our 6-session program is offered over the course of six consecutive weeks. Our groups are small by design so that they are comfortable and informal. The group meets on the Old St. Patrick’s Church Campus at the Jack Wall Mission Center, 711 West Monroe Street.

For more information, you may contact Bernadette Moore Gibson, Pastoral Care Ministry, at (312) 798-2389. You can also email your inquiries to:

We know the path on which you are walking because we have walked it as well. Our prayers are with you…